I manage 7 hectares of vineyards in the Znojmo wine region. Specifically, 8 smaller vineyards, which I cultivate in a certified organic mode. I have been dedicating to the production of wines which the area of ​​origin of the grapes can be detected from. Each area and vineyard route is characterized by a different geological origin, different soil composition, different altitudes, or even the different amounts of precipitation. I strive to make wine in a way that manifests all these factors. Nature itself determines how the wines will taste as a result and therefore I minimize interventions in the cellar. The range of colors, flavors and aromas brings endless variety and this brings me endless joy as well. At the same time, I try to keep my activity in harmony with nature. I try to preserve species diversity, healthy and living soil can produce grapes of the highest quality. I return the pulp from the pressed grapes to the vineyard as fertilizer. By cultivating vineyards and working in the cellar, I try to burden the environment as little as possible and reduce the carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • The wines are based on grapes from my vineyards in the Znojmo wine region.

  • The grapes are from organic vineyards and are processed mainly by hand.

  • The grapes are harvested by hand with the emphasis on ideal varietal maturity (especially according to the acid content).

  • The grapes are transported in crates to a grape press to cellar in Hodonice.

  • The mash is macerated for several hours to days on the skins. In the case of qvevri and amphorae, the maceration on the skins usually takes 12 months.

  • The must is lowered into oak and acacia barrels, amphoarae and glass barrels.

  • Spontaneous yeast fermentation follows.

  • The wines mature for a long time and are mixed as needed.

  • Malic acid is usually broken down due to its own bacteria from the vineyard.

  • Wines are not depleted by filtration or clarification and contain either very little (up to 40 mg/l total) or no added sulfur.

  • Before being marketed, bottled wines remain in the cellar for some time.