Buckets of sweat, allergies and, most importantly, countless hours of work but, step by step, the old, 10-year-old uncultivated vineyard was revived. The Kraví hora vineyard track was inconspicuously hiding this vineyard for a long time as well as its beautiful view of Konice near Znojmo and the Podyjí National Park. It was planted in 1970 by an Austrian Green Veltliner variety on the Tertiary subsoil at an altitude that used to form a sea coast. Thanks to this, as one of the few vineyards in the Znojmo region, it has an alkaline pH in the subsoil. Local settlers and oldtimers call this vineyard "bass" because of the specific shape of the lines which resemble a musical instrument. I ecologically farm here on 0.8 hectares of vineyards of the eastern exposition where I have spent a lot of free time and tried to clear it of all bushes, trees, rose hips, fallen poles and cracked wires, so that after 10 years of rest this land could start producing. Here, too, I continue the tradition of sustainable viticulture. Due to geological uniqueness and a unique and diverse nature, the cultivation of this plot is carried out in cooperation with the Podyjí National Park